Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to know a girl by means of her coffee?

This one I find very interesting. This is really great. Imagine, through how a girl orders coffee one can understand a little bit of her while enjoying one's company on a date. Wow! Just read it!

Why is having coffee together best way to get to know someone? Simple: her preference tells you a bit about her, things you find out beyond the conversation. Therefore, what she has on the coffee date should tell you if you’re going to hit it off…

1. Black, no sugar - direct to the point kind of person, possibly aggressive, confident
2. Black, one or two sugars - not as aggressive as above, and is more approachable
3. Cream and sugar - she's simple in her tastes, possibly a homebody
4. Cream and sugar, sweet - the kind who likes to be pampered or likes to pamper others
5. With some ordinary flavoring (cinnamon, nutmeg, etc) - with some sense of adventure
6. With some exotic flavoring (mint, etc) - with a lot of adventure, maybe a bit eccentric, even
7. Frappucino-types - medyo kikay
8. Cappuccino – medyo class, la sofisticada
9. Espresso (single) – she’s something of the intellectual type
10. Espresso (double) - she’s something of the intellectual type and wants to last the night (hopefully, with you)
11. With chocolate (mocha, hazelnut, etc) - has a strong streak of the romantic
12. With brandy/ rum/ sherry - this publicly prim and proper lady sizzles in private
13. Strong brewed – the woman-on-top type (loves to be in-charge and take the lead)
14. Proper tea - a purist, bit of a perfectionist (baka naman di siya pinay?)
15. Tea in bags - like above, pero definitely, pinay to-its
16. Herbal infusions (chamomile, etc) - a bit of New Age girl in her (side note: they are the best kissers)
17. Non-coffee bean coffees (cardamom) and non-tea leaf teas (green, peppermint, strawberry, etc.) – same as above, but she loves to travel and try new things
18. Chocolate - what sort of nut drinks chocolate on a coffee date in a hot place like Pilipinas? Unless, of course, it's just before bed... mmmmmmm
19. Any hot coffee ordered lukewarm – this girl is only pretending to enjoy coffee, but likes you enough to go on a coffee date with you.
20. Milk - unless she has ulcers, a girl who has milk on a coffee date is just plain freaky. (We don't know why, they just are.)


  1. interesting hahaha. may ganito? pano kung hindi signature ang kape ni girl? ako ay 3, 4 at 16. not categorized in one type. hahaha.

  2. haha i dont know. probably its true to some.. interesting nga eh.. heheh

  3. me ganon! paanu yan hindi na ako ng cocofee

  4. wow.. didn't know a coffee can define our personality.. I'm in between "Cream and sugar, sweet" and "Frappe" but more on the latter. :)) super OMG .. coz I'm like "kikay" talaga. lol.

    thanks for posting this. ;)

  5. this is so awesome! I'm a girl who drinks #4 everyday! =)

  6. This is cool! Hopping here! From Gensan ka di ba? I got your site from Here's hoping we could meet soon.

  7. Haha, I liked the black coffee one. You really gotta be something else to try a black coffee and actually get used to it. Coffee is like wine or beer - it never tasted good the first time but you get used to it eventually. Anyway, thanks for sharing you gave me a break studying with my mcat study guide :-).

  8. Wow I love this post, I will give coffee to my girlfriend and see what she likes Thanks

    Zero Dramas


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