Wednesday, November 3, 2010

High Blood Pressure: Anyone?

High blood pressure has been known to affect alot of individuals throughout the world. It is known as the "silent killer". Its still considered as one of the causes of morbidity and mortality in the world. Here are some ways of reducing or preventing high blood pressure:
1. Garlic is a proven remedy for those exhibiting symptoms of high blood pressure but as garlic thins the blood consultation with your physician is recommended before treatment begins.

2. Fish oil has also been used effectively in high blood pressure treatment. Studies have shown that it is the docohexaenoic acid, or DHA, which is the active ingredient in the treatment of high blood pressure.
3. A potassium-rich diet Very often, blood pressure levels depend on the sodium/potassium ratio in the blood. If there is enough potassium in the blood, then it acts as a buffer and mitigates the effects of high sodium levels, known to increase blood pressure. Potassium rich food includes bananas, oranges and potatoes can therefore be a natural treatment for high blood pressure. Both children and adults should eat 4500 mg of potassium a day. A significant reduction in the symptoms of high blood pressure are seen when supplements like folic acid are added to the diet. Studies have showed positive results in smokers who were given a folic acid treatment for high blood pressure.

4. Exercise High blood pressure can be lowered by regular exercise, which in turn will help keep weight down. Research has shown that there can be a fall of 1 mm Hg in blood pressure for every 2lbs lost. Keep food intake at a reasonable level and ensure that through diet, exercise and supplementation, the medical treatment of high blood pressure may never become necessary.

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